Mozart 225 ━ Chamber

Mozart 225 The New Complete Edition

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Mozart 225 []

M001 Chamber - a1 Nannerl Notenbuch Excerpts / London Sketchbook (1761–1765)

M002 Chamber - a1 Variations K24, K25, K179, K180 / 8 Minuets K315a / Piano Sonata K279 (1766–1774)

M003 Chamber - a1 Piano Sonatas K280–K284 (1774–1775)

M004 Chamber - a1 Piano Sonatas K309–K311 / Variations K354 (1777–1778)

M005 Chamber - a1 Variations K264, K265, K352, K353, K398 / Piano Sonata in F K332 (1778–1783)

M006 Chamber - a1 Piano Sonata in C K330 / Piano Sonata in A K331 / Piano Sonata in Bb K333 (1783)

M007 Chamber - a1 Fantasia in c K475 /Piano Sonata in c K457 / Variations K455, K460, K500 / Rondos K485, K494, K511 (1784–1787)

M008 Chamber - a1 Piano Sonatas K533/494, K545, K570 / Adagio in b K540 / Variations K573 (1788–1789)

M009 Chamber - a1 Fantasia K397 / Piano Sonata in D K576 / Adagio in C K356 / Variations K613 / Organ works (1789–1791)

M010 Chamber - a1 Alternative versions: Pieces K6–K8, Minuets K32, K176 / Works “for study”: Modulating Preludes, Prelude & Fugue K394, Suite K399

M011 Chamber - a2 Violin Sonatas K6–K12 (1762–1764)

M012 Chamber - a2 Violin Sonatas K13–K15, K26–K31 (1764–1766)

M013 Chamber - a2 Violin Sonatas K46d, K46e / Piano Duets K19d, K381, K358 / Duo for bassoon and cello K292 (1765–1775)

M014 Chamber - a2 Violin Sonatas K296, K301–K305 (1778)

M015 Chamber - a2 Violin Sonatas K304, K306, K378, K379 (1778–1781)

M016 Chamber - a2 Variations K359, K360 / Violin Sonatas K376, K377, K380 (1781–1782)

M017 Chamber - a2 Sonata for 2 pianos K448 / Violin & Viola Duos K423, K424 / Violin Sonata K454 (1781–1784)

M018 Chamber - a2 Violin Sonata K481 / Horn Duos K487 / Sonata for piano duet K497 / Variations K501 (1785–1786)

M019 Chamber - a2 Sonatas for piano duet K357, K521 / Violin Sonatas K526, K547 (1786–1788)

M020 Chamber - a3 Piano Trios K254, K496 / String Trio K266 / Clarinet Trio K498 “Kegelstatt” (1776–1786)

M021 Chamber - a3 Piano Trios K502, K542, K548 (1786–1788)

M022 Chamber - a3 Divertimento K563 / Piano Trio K564 (1788)

M023 Chamber - a4 Divertimenti K136–K138 / String Quartets K80, K155, K156 (1772–1773)

M024 Chamber - a4 String Quartets K157–K160, K168, K169 (1772–1773)

M025 Chamber - a4 String Quartets K170–K173 / Flute Quartet K285 (1773–1777)

M026 Chamber - a4 Oboe Quartet K370 / String Quartets K387, K421 (1781–1783)

M027 Chamber - a4 String Quartets K428, K458 “Hunt” / K499 “Hoffmeister” (1783–1786)

M028 Chamber - a4 String Quartets K464 / K465 “Dissonance” (1785)

M029 Chamber - a4 Piano Quartets K478, K493 / Flute Quartet K298 (1785–1787)

M030 Chamber - a4 String Quartets “Prussian” K575, K589, K590 (1789–1790)

M031 Chamber - a5 String Quintet K174 / Horn Quintet K407 / Piano Quintet K452 (1773–1784)

M032 Chamber - a5 String Quintet in C K515 / String Quintet in g K516 (1787)

M033 Chamber - a5 Eine kleine Nachtmusik K525 / Adagio and Fugue K546 / Clarinet Quintet K581 (1787–1789)

M034 Chamber - a5 String Quintets K593, K614 / Adagio and Rondo K617 (1790–1791)

M035 Chamber - a6+ Divertimenti K205, K186, K166, K188, K251 (1772–1776)

M036 Chamber - a6+ Divertimenti K213, K240, K252, K253, K270 (1775–1777)

M037 Chamber - a6+ Divertimenti K247, K287 (1776–1777)

M038 Chamber - a6+ Divertimento K334 / Serenade K375 (1779–1782)

M039 Chamber - a6+ Serenade K388 “Nacht Musik” / Serenade K361 “Gran partita” (1782–1784)

M040 Chamber - Period Instruments a1/a2 Mozart’s Instruments / Works for fortepiano and violin

M041 Chamber - Period Instruments a4 Mozart’s Instruments / Piano Quartets

M042 Chamber - Period Instruments a4/a5 String Quartet K465 “Dissonance” / String Quintet in C K515

M043 Chamber - Period Instruments a5 Quintets for clarinet, horn, piano and winds

M044 Chamber - Period Instruments a6+ Serenade K375 / Serenade K361

M045 Chamber - Classic Performances a1 Piano Sonata K310, K331, K332 / 12 Variations in C K265, / Rondo in D K485

M046 Chamber - Classic Performances a1/a2 Piano Sonata K457, K576 / Rondo in a K511 / Adagio in b K540 / Sonata in C for piano duet K521

M047 Chamber - Classic Performances a2/a3 Sonata in A for piano and violin K526 / Trio in Eb for clarinet, viola and piano K498 / Divertimento in Eb for violin, viola and cello K563

M048 Chamber - Classic Performances a4/a5/a8 Serenade in c K388 “Nacht Musik” / String Quartet in d K421 / String Quintet in g K516

M049 Chamber - Historic Performances a4/a5/a7 Horn Quintet in Eb K407 / Piano Quartet in g K478 / Divertimento in D K334

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